Medusa’s Labyrinth is a mythological first person horror game set in ancient Greece. It takes myths and legends that have stayed with us for over 2000 years and mix them together in a game that blends horror with stealth into a unique experience.

The player will have to carefully pick their path through the abandoned hallways on Temple Island, through winding catacombs and dark corners to solve the mysteries that lurk within the labyrinth. The game is a short free adventure, so anyone with a Steam account can play it without paying a dim.

Key Features

Immersion is everything. Horror is all about being a part of the experience and forget that you are playing a game. To enhance this Medusa’s Labyrinth has no HUD, no health bars and no inventory screen to distract you from the experience. Want to know how many arrows you have left? Look at your quiver, and count them yourself, just like a person would do if they were there for real.

A living, breathing environment. Ancient Greece is not just a unique backdrop for Medusa, it is a core part of the experience. Breathing life into myths and legends that are almost two thousand years old adds a richness and depth to the game that no other titles can boast. But not only will you be able to sense the wingbeats of history while playing, the environment will also change and adapt while you play, making certain that you can never trust your senses completely and giving the surroundings an organic feel. While you try to watch out for what hides in the shadows, the shadows are also watching you.

A unique combination of stealth and horror. Great stealth is about making waiting interesting and tense enough to retain the player while they figure out patrol patterns etc. With horror, you won’t let the player stay too long in one place, because something is hunting them in the shadows. This blend of both has been proven to build tension quickly and makes for a truly frightening experience.


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Medusa's Labyrinth