Hey, Martin here.

So. A game about a cow causing mayhem and destruction, huh? This is certainly an exciting challenge! The amount of bad puns and crazy ideas we’ve had here at the office are way too many, and yet we’ve just started!

Being a team and trying to come up with what to do with your game is always interesting. We all have so many different experiences, so when it comes down to inspiration we’ve looked at all sorts of games, from Sly Raccoon to Saints Row, and Worms to Animal Crossing.

For anyone wondering what it’s like going from Magnetic: Cage Closed to designing a game like this – yes, it is very different. A fun kind of different. One thing that both games have in common though is that they both rely on physics to create a fun experience.

The next step is of course to do some really crazy stuff with it. Like what you see below for instance.


We will show more of the game on our twitch streams in the future, so keep an eye out for those and on our twitter where we’ll be sure to announce them! You should also be able to find them on our YouTube channel afterwards.