In just two weeks we are launching Blamdown: Udder Fury in Steams Early Access program. Time truly flies when you are working towards a deadline, and launching something that you worked hard on is always a nerve-wracking experience.

Picking a release date is also a tricky business, and the increasing number of games that are released on Steam are certainly not helping. So after choosing two possible dates we asked around to see what our fellow developers at other studios thought.


As you can see most people where not too optimistic. So, what did we do about it? Well, since it’s AAA season and we are making a humor-based game we started just making fun of the whole situation instead. As a way of hyping our own upcoming launch (we ended up choosing the 7th, the least popular option) we made cow-themed posters of the AAA-titles that were coming out.


If you can fix the problem, then you might as well just have fun with it! As we continue pushing towards release we are going to continue working this way, making more posters and jokes about the industry and other games. If you are curious to check out blamdown as soon as we hit early access you can wish list the game at our Steam page already, and if you want to help us go viral you can support our launch day nouncy-campaign here.

Thanks for reading, and if you ever face the difficult task of finding a launch date for your game remember to make it your own, and not worry too much about what everyone else, especially AAA, are doing!