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Guru Games is an independent game company working out of Skövde, Sweden. There are currently 9 members on our core team, as well as a group of selected contractors. We have worked in several different genres, platforms and game engines and to this date we have five in house titles under our belt, with more to come. We also work for other studios, helping them launch on new platforms, get a little extra polish into their games or help them reach a critical milestone before deadline. We have a number of experienced artists, designers and programmers at our disposal that can help with almost anything regarding game development & asset production. If you want to know more about our outsourcing work and read testimonials from our clients, you can do so here.

When it comes to our internal development efforts our goal is to create intense, atmospheric and well-designed experiences that you will play through in an evening but think about for a month. We believe that games should respect the player’s time and commitment, and therefore we focus on creating short games of high quality for busy people.



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