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Guru Games

Guru Games is an independent game company working out of Skövde, Sweden. There are currently 6 members on our core team, as well as a group of selected contractors. We have worked in several different genres, platforms and game engines and to this date we have five in house titles under our belt, with more to come. We also work for other studios, helping them launch on new platforms, get a little extra polish into their games or help them reach a critical milestone before deadline. We have a number of experienced artists, designers and programmers at our disposal that can help with almost anything regarding game development & asset production. If you want to know more about our outsourcing work and read testimonials from our clients, you can do so here.

When it comes to our internal development efforts our goal is to create intense, atmospheric and well-designed experiences that you will play through in an evening but think about for a month. We believe that games should respect the player’s time and commitment, and therefore we focus on creating short games of high quality for busy people.



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Daniel Ström


Daniel is the CEO of Guru Games and its narrative designer. So basically, he writes everything from business plans to character backgrounds and in game dialogues. He travels a lot, likes to do talks at game conferences around the planet and has a dedicated business blazer for when things get serious.


Johannes Jonsson

3D Artist

Johannes is a 3D-artist with a technical skillset that specializes in creating immersive environments. He has a great sense for aesthetics and composition and a special hatred in his heart for designers who rescale his models in engine.


Regina Rova


Regina is a designer & artist whose talent and ambition immediately got our attention. She started out as an intern, helping create extra levels for Blamdown: Udder Fury but has long since earned a permanent position as a designer on the team. She loves horror stories and we sometimes suspect she dabbles in dark magic on the side.

Victor Assmundsson



Sebastian Bularca



Peter Karlsson



Key Allies

Sebastian Mårtensson


Check out his portfolio!

Samuel Lidström

Sound Designer

Check out his portfolio!

May 2017

Optimizing Medusa’s Labyrinth VR

Optimizing Medusa’s Labyrinth VR


With the release of Medusa VR closing, I wanted share some thoughts about optimizing. One of the big task for adding support for […]

April 2017

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