Hey people! This blog is going to be a bit different, because I’m going to talk about a new game that we haven’t really announced properly yet. People who follow us on social media might have spotted it as a prototype! This blog is going to be about that game and why it is going to be smashing!
Project Blamdown!

That’s what we call it internally. No set name yet! We are still working on finding a suitable and good name that really conveys the feel and action of the game. But I’m getting ahead of myself, what is Project Blamdown I hear you ask? Well, excellent question dear reader! Blamdown is, when boiled down, a twin stick shooter with a cartoony aesthetic driven by physics fun and mayhem.

Below: A small preview of the prototype that is the basis for the game. Here you can see the player character running around, causing mayhem and eventually succumbing to a dual bazooka Animal Control enforcer.

For the full game, you play as different animals, hell bent on taking over and reclaiming the world from us filthy humans! Each animal is unique in what weapons they get. Your goal is to inflict chaos by destroying human settlements and fulfilling certain level specific objectives. The more chaos you inflict the more offensive response you get from angry citizens and the dreaded Animal Control. During the levels you can find power-ups and other pickups. Scout for medkits to increase your health or find a super power sub-weapon! With these tools you inflict chaos by simply shooting and destroying everything in sight. One thing we really want to express with this game is how fun physics can be in games. Destroying a building by the base, seeing it crumble and crash into a neighboring building that also comes crashing down and squashing Animal Control soldiers is a super satisfying feeling.
The game should evoke that feeling of being a five year old and just having the fun of seeing your sand castle, snow fort or lego city all built up, decorated and nice and then just planning on how you are going to destroy your creation in the most fun way! I remember fondly being around 10 or 12 and building this huge snow fortress with a caverns along it, and I placed lots of green plastic army men in it and then… I planted firecrackers of varying sizes and just lit them and watched the chaos ensue! Well not that much happened since snow is pretty rigid and the power of the firecrackers was low but it was still a ton of fun! Created black holes in the snow and knocking soldiers over! (And don’t try this at home without supervision! Firecrackers can be nasty!)
That is the feeling I want you to feel when playing Project Blamdown. It is a tight top down shooter with a challenging difficulty but on top of that you have this chaotic physics based destruction that makes it feel like the world is responding to your destruction.
Our vision for the game is the game to have very different and fun weapons, cool power-ups and weapon pick-ups, travel the world and fight in different locations. Meet deadly ninjas in Tokyo and their Animal Control mech units! Watch out for deadly Vikings in the Nordic Countries! Wreak havoc in metropolitan cities of the US! We want to include some stereotypical units for each region. But our aim is not to offend but rather include cool things from the world that people associate with different countries and put them in the game as different units with different special abilities, to give each location a different flavor.

Below: A quick mockup of how more urban areas might look like. Should feel like a city but still being playable from a top down perspective. I don’t want things to get hidden behind buildings (we will certainly have that highlights enemies obscured by buildings from your viewpoint) and I want the playfield to have a certain openness so you can still jump around and dodge enemies.

The game will have a progression system of sorts. We are still debating on how (and if) you unlock characters and how you progress from each level in the game. A huge part of the game will be replaying levels with different characters, playing on higher difficulties or just setting higher scores. We want to integrate some sort of leaderboard system where you can filter on what highscores you want to view. Perhaps you want to compete against your friends? Or against people from your country? Or the whole world? How all this is going to work isn’t decided yet so things might change… Or rather, will change drastically over the course of development! You can plan for things in game development but things seldom go as smoothly as you plan them.
And that is one caveat I’d like to attach to this blogpost, the things I’m writing here is just about how we are thinking about the design right now. It might all be changed so don’t get too hung up on certain features or aspects! The game will likely continue to evolve until the day it is released.
But yes! That is Project Blamdown, in short. The new game we at Guru Games are working on! No release date is set but we are aiming for a short project so it shouldn’t take over a year at least. One can hope! If you have any suggestions, feedback, wishes or anything, we’d love to hear from you! <3 // Johan Zdybal