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The last few days have been very exciting for us here at the Guru Games office. We have been sitting here, in our office in the small town of Skövde, Sweden and seen the world write, read and react to our announcement trailer. Some hate it, some love it and some that are still on the fence. In the coming months we hope to show you more of our game and we really hope, and believe that more of you will come to like it.

What has happened could not have been done without the help of Gambitious, our partner in crime who have done a fantastic job with the press release and the trailer. We also want to thank every single site that has picked up on the news and posted something, good or bad, about Magnetic: Cage Closed. Without you no one would know the game even existed. Thank you!

At the end of this post there is a list of all the articles we could find. There are probably many we have missed so if your site is not on the list, please let us know and we will correct the oversight. Oh, and for those who have no idea what we are talking about, here is the trailer.

FAQ, Some answers to your questions

Is this a Portal clone? What makes it different?

Portal has been our biggest inspiration from the start, and we’re all huge fans of Portal at the office. The game actually started out as a way to combine Portal with the movie ”The Cube” when we were still in school.

A lot of things have changed since then however, and even though we still have a lot of similarities to Portal, Magnetic stands on its own. We wanted to make a game that fans of Portal would recognize but that still feels fresh and creative. So in Magnetic you, as the player, can make choices in different ways, which will all affect the game. We call these junctions “Choice cubes” and they are an integral part of the experience, and the story of the game. Another thing that we’ve worked hard on is to make sure that there is not only one way to get through a level. We want players who like to experiment and explore to have a certain depth, both with the mechanical aspects, and with the environment.

So the magnet gun may seem simple in its design, but you can do a lot of different things with it. There are different power settings, and just like a real magnetic field; it does not only affect things straight in front of it but has more of a cone with the highest amount of force in the middle. Pushing, pulling, shooting, dropping, dragging and placing, all of these things as can be done with the tool, and will be needed to get through the many challenges that the game has to offer.

In many of these chambers that we’ve build we have experimented ourselves, as developers, with what we can do with the magnet gun within the limitations of the game. Now we’re looking forward to letting the players do the same.


”No play through is ever the same” What do you mean by that?

Well, as much as we love Portal, this was one of the few things that we felt was missing. The story is fantastic but the replay value was not great. So even though its story is incredible, it’s still ONE story and it does not adapt to what you do as a player.

So this was one aspect that we thought we could actually improve on the concept: Give the players the same chance to affect the story in a puzzle game that many other genres have had for years. The key aspect for this is our Choice Cubes, which are chambers that do not focus on solving puzzles or avoiding traps but choosing what happens to you as a player and other characters that appear in the game. So the story is not a straight line, it has a number of branches and keypoints where we as developers take a step back and let the players decide for themselves: How do I want to play this?

Besides these crucial Choice Cubes, there are other methods of variation. The chambers in the facility for example are not set up in a long line, instead they move and change places with each other much like in the movie “The Cube”. Therefore, a level that came early in one playthrough, might show up later in the game on a second playthrough, or perhaps not at all on a third.

How long is the game, what do I get for my 15 $?

That is actually a tough question for us to answer because it really depends on your playstyle and the choices you make during play. It would require considerable playtesting to establish an average amongst all the different ways to get from intro- to credits. A very rough estimate is around 4-6 hours for a first playthrough. Internally the record time for a playthrough is significantly shorter, but even that will probably be improved on when we release it to the public. If a player would want to experience everything that the game has to offer and see all of its content it will certainly require a lot more than 6 hours.

How many levels are there in the game, are they randomly generated?

We have different kinds of chambers in the game, some are puzzle chambers, some are prison cells or rail systems and some are choice cubes. In total we have about 70 scenes in the engine that we used to build the game, and the majority of those are naturally puzzle chambers. None of it is generated randomly, each level has been crafted “by hand.” The random element does not come into play inside the actual chambers, it is only to simulate that the chambers are changing places during play.


What can I expect to find on a second playthrough, or a third?

Depends on if you make the same choices or not. If you take a different path you will find new puzzles, get different reactions and ultimately reach a different conclusion to the story. There are 8 different endings in the game, and each will provide at least something you have not seen or heard before. We want the players to make the decisions all the way, even in the final moment of the game.

Is there any DLC coming out?

We have a lot of things that we still want to do with Magnetic, as we could not fit everything into the original game. We have a skeletal plan for a few different approaches, but this is also something what we want player feedback on. What do the players want? Is it an alternate storyline, more difficult puzzles or a level editor? We have considered all these things, but it takes time and money to build something like that, and when we do we want to make sure that it’s something that the fans want us to build.



Thanks to everyone who reported on our announcement-story and trailer! <3 Here is a small list of articles we could find that wrote about the game.


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Again, thanks to everyone who helped spread the word about Magnetic: Cage Closed! It is a real morale boost for us here at Guru Games and we couldn’t be happier! :D Much love!