We’ve decided on a release date for Medusa’s Labyrinth! So you will finally be able to play it. The
game will be released on Steam 2016-02-15 (February, 15th, 2016) around 13:00 PST, so late at night
here in Europe. We truly want to give a sincere “Thank you!” to everyone who supported us during
the Greenlight campaign! Without your support we would not have been able to release the game at
all. You are our champions, and we love you for it!

What is Medusa’s Labyrinth in its current form?

For those of you who are not familiar with the game, Medusa’s Labyrinth is a short horror adventure
set in Ancient Greece. The player takes the role of a lone man on the island, entering the quiet
temple grounds, following the footsteps of a father and daughter who have met with a terrible fate.
Their story also help paint the broader picture on what has been going on in the temple.
The player will be equipped with either a bow and arrow or a torch. These tools are needed to
traverse the temple halls and it grants the player a choice in how to play the game. Arrows are scarce
and mistakes will be punished. Medusa is not a forgiving game. How will you play it? Will you take
the aggressive part, clearing the halls of the cursed ones inside? Or will you be the careful sort,
sneaking past them and avoid confrontation, saving your few arrows for when you need them most?
Will you find what’s lurking beneath the temple and solve the mystery of why the previously grand
and glorious seat of power now looks abandoned?

What we wanted Medusa’s Labyrinth to be

This small adventure which we are releasing now is just a taste, just a fraction of what we wanted to
do with this game. We felt (and still feel) that we had a great setting in ancient Greece and a unique
idea for a game. We wanted to use the right material that these ancient myths and epic tales of adventures and
monsters can provide. The beautiful architecture of the time period also stand apart and it would be
amazing to create a full length horror game with around 6 – 8 hours of gameplay. This was our
intention when we first started working on Medusa.

Sadly, we did not receive enough funding for the game and we had to limit the scope. Instead of just
throwing in the towel on the project when we knew that we would not make it what we wanted it to
be in the first place we wanted to share the playable slice of the game which we created in our
search for funding.

We’ve tweaked this part and added content until we felt satisfied that it would give you a glimpse of
what could’ve become a grand adventure. If this version of Medusa gets the attention it deserves,
there might be a chance that we could be pick it up again, and continue development. If nothing else
we would have something new to show publishers when sitting down for negotiations. But as it
looks right now, the small adventure is as much of the game that we have the possibility to make.

We had a lot of ideas for continuing with the game. We wanted to add more enemies: Sirens
which“attacked” the player with their spellbinding songs,Hulking minotaur’s that chased you
through  winding mazes and of course Medusa herself.

We also had an idea for a dark mist, shunning away the light but devouring the player if it stood to
long in the darkness. There were concepts of great halls and temple complexes, gardens, bathhouses,
peeks of the Underworld and a lot more. We were also considering engulfing the entire game in a
cursed snow storm, letting the biting chill of the underworld take hold of the island. The previously
comfortable and warm would’ve turned into a freezing hades. Our idea was always to create a
beautiful and terrifying game in an ancient Greek setting and add our own twist to the famous
monsters and tales.

Below you can see some concept art for a continuation of Medusa’s Labyrinth. Don’t miss the launch next week!

Conc_EnvSnow1 Conc_EnvSnow2

B1s9HGxIgAA1tI_ ConceptPriest01 CharConc_Creature1