Hello everyone, Marcus of Guru Games here.

These past couple of months we have been working hard on making sure that Magnetic is as polished and bug-free as possible while at the same time trying make sure that we get a release date set in stone. And after going back and forth between us and QA we can finally, and proudly, announce that our game Magnetic: Cage Closed has a release date set for May 26th on Steam! We are excited about this and the coming weeks are going to be intense with us preparing for as good a launch as possible, both for us and for our fans!

During the time towards release we will be working with streams and other events that we will tell everyone about before going live! If you haven’t subscribed to our twitch channel yet, you can head over here: thegurugames in order to not miss out on any fun, or you can keep an eye out on Facebook , or our twitter channel @thegurugames. The game is as we speak available for pre-purchase on Steam at a 10% discount so if you feel inclined, you’re most welcome to check out the Steam page

Thank you for showing patience and support to the game during all this time and we’re looking forward to make the game available for all of you and that you will enjoy it!