Hi again! It’s Martin Lovén here, Designer at Guru Games. For this devblog I’m gonna talk a little bit about the Challenge Maps we’re creating for Magnetic: Cage Closed.

Why, and how this started

Why create Challenge Maps? Well, we realized during development that the game’s mechanics allow us to really challenge the player if we wanted to. We still want the average player to be able to get through the game, without having to refurnish their living room due to rage-fueled flying controllers though. This lead us to make the core levels slightly easier, and instead focus on going wild with these challenge maps.

Thoughts and goals

So, the Challenge Maps is a way for us in the team to really go wild with level design. We’re focusing on challenging the player in ways that we haven’t before; either by a raw difficulty increase or in completely new manners such as navigation, patience, or endurance. We want this to be an even higher level of challenge than what is present in the core game.

We also decided to do something different with the graphics, as seen in the picture below:


So this is what we’re doing right now: Challenge Maps. We’re trying out new exciting things, make wild ideas come to life, and setting the levels in a more relaxed and playful graphical environment. As we’re still working on it there is fairly little to show for now, but below follows a few screenshots of what we’ve got so far!





This Friday (22 May 2015, 15:00 CEST) we will stream on our Twitch channel our continued work on the challenge maps. Make sure to tune in, and thanks for reading!