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Gamescom with a Gamescow: There and back again.

SO... I just came back from the crazy inferno of people, games, meetings, beer, gameswag and hangovers that is Gamescom, and I thought I'd share some light on what goes on in Cologne once a year. It's hard to describe Gamescom to someone who has never experienced it themselves. It's similar to VR in that [...]

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Early Access progress Update!

Hey there! Here at Guru HQ we are working day and night to add cool stuff to Blamdown while it's in early access. We've heard some requests for new weapons lately, so this week we jumped on that and prototyped/brainstormed a few new concepts. Below is a very fancy video I threw together in Windows movie [...]

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Choosing a launch date and Early Access hype!

In just two weeks we are launching Blamdown: Udder Fury in Steams Early Access program. Time truly flies when you are working towards a deadline, and launching something that you worked hard on is always a nerve-wracking experience. Picking a release date is also a tricky business, and the increasing number of games that are [...]

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No Story is Ever the Same

I cannot say that I've had a long and illustrious career in writing for games, but I've worked on a few different titles by now, and they are all vastly different. When I write novels and short stories in my spare time I have found a style of writing that I am comfortable with and [...]

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How to pitch to publishers

Guru Games is a small studio from Skövde, Sweden. We are a part of a game-collective called Sweden Game Arena and started our journey on the winding path of game development about two years ago. We recently launched our first game Magnetic: Cage Closed on Steam.  The game will also be out on the Xbox One next [...]

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News update and FAQ

Thank you! The last few days have been very exciting for us here at the Guru Games office. We have been sitting here, in our office in the small town of Skövde, Sweden and seen the world write, read and react to our announcement trailer. Some hate it, some love it and some that are [...]

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Closing the Kickstarter: Lessons learned

Are you thinking about doing a Kickstarter? Crowdfunding is an interesting way of finding funding, but it might not be as easy as you think. For this weeks blog post we decided to share with you our final update from our failed Kickstarter campaign. If you are interested in crowdfunding this might help you avoid [...]

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