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Medusa’s Labyrinth is Released!

So this Monday (2016-02-15) we finally released Medusa's Labyrinth. It was a great feeling to finally have it released after all the ups and downs for the project. To celebrate we bought cake and had a little party while waiting for the first comments to come in. Because who doesn't love cake ^_^ So what's [...]

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Medusa’s Labyrinth to be released 2016-02-15!

We’ve decided on a release date for Medusa’s Labyrinth! So you will finally be able to play it. The game will be released on Steam 2016-02-15 (February, 15th, 2016) around 13:00 PST, so late at night here in Europe. We truly want to give a sincere “Thank you!” to everyone who supported us during the [...]

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Project Blamdown – Artstyle

Hi, Johannes here. This blog is going to be about the artstyle for our next project. We did the prototype for Blamdown during one week, a simple artstyle made it possible to make it look coherent and keep the production fast. The aesthetic was heavily inspired by the game Crossy road, meaning everything was built [...]

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Talking a bit about our new thing; Project Blamdown!

Hey people! This blog is going to be a bit different, because I’m going to talk about a new game that we haven’t really announced properly yet. People who follow us on social media might have spotted it as a prototype! This blog is going to be about that game and why it is going [...]

By | December 3rd, 2015|Devblog|1 Comment

Happy Halloween from us at Guru Games!

Halloween is upon us and people all over the world are frantically running around, trying to figure out what costume they’re gonna wear for that amazing party that their friends are hosting and we at Guru Games are no different! Although we might not be as invested in costumes for ourselves as we are for [...]

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Magnetic: Cage Closed to be released May 26th!

Hello everyone, Marcus of Guru Games here. These past couple of months we have been working hard on making sure that Magnetic is as polished and bug-free as possible while at the same time trying make sure that we get a release date set in stone. And after going back and forth between us and [...]

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Devblog #9 The Sound Design of Magnetic: Cage Closed

The Sound Design of Magnetic: Cage Closed Hi! I'm Samuel Lidström, sound designer for Guru Game's Magnetic: Cage Closed. From the start of the project in 2011 up until around June 2014 we were two sound designers working on the game. The other sound designer, Martin Isaksson, unfortunately got too busy with other projects to [...]

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Devblog #6 Magnet Gun goes metal

Hello my name is Petter Henriksson and I am programmer here. This devblog will be relatively short, we have a lot of stuff on our plates this close to release. Last week I and David Birgersson (Talented 3D artist) spent some time overlooking the metallic effect of Birds weapon, the magnet gun. The magnet gun [...]

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Devblog #5 The soundscape of Magnetic

Hello everyone, It’s time for yet another Dev. Blog and this time, coinciding with the SGA Nomination for “Best Execution in Audio”, we will be talking about the production of sound design and the many moods of the music for Magnetic. But first, let us introduce ourself. Todays Dev Blog will be written by two [...]

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