Hi, Johannes here. This blog is going to be about the artstyle for our next project. We did the prototype for Blamdown during one week, a simple artstyle made it possible to make it look coherent and keep the production fast. The aesthetic was heavily inspired by the game Crossy road, meaning everything was built with only blocks. When pre-production started we decided we needed a style with more visual interest but still something we could do with a small team.


Going from only blocks I figured a simple cartoon aesthetic could work well with the destruction and humor in Blamdown.


I tested the new artstyle by iterating on assets from the prototype.


Player character from the prototype.

Lowpoly version of the player character


A cartoony version of the player character

After getting feedback from the team. They found the lowpoly version too generic. They liked the cartoony version, but wanting more character.


After adding a simple helmet, a ridiculously big cigar and angry eyebrows, the chicken instantly became a character.

I kept experimenting and came up with a humanoid version of the chicken.


The prototype used few colors, simple geometry and a directional light with soft shadows, making the visual look flat. I was thinking by adding AO (ambient occlusion) the game would look more interesting. Light Baking was out of the question, because everything in the game world is destructible. So the only option left was SSAO (Screen space ambient occlusion) an expensive solution. By comparing side by side You can see how much more interesting the image is looking.


Here’s a small mockup scene.
Going from Magnetic and Medusa, with a atmospheric “realistic” artstyle, to a colorful cartoony game is going be a new interesting challenge. If you have any suggestions, feedback, or anything, we’d love to hear from you!